ZNC is advanced Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Bouncer remain connected to remote server in the event the client should disconnect from the Internet.
Often state changes are tracked so that they may be relayed to the client upon reconnection.
Some implementations opt to store all messages sent across the network that the client would have normally received, and send them upon the clients reconnection
IRC Bouncers are usually run on computers with stable internet connections (and static IP Addresses). The bouncer can stay in a channel while the client disconnects. This way a user can keep their channel modes (like op), and the bouncer can buffer chat messages while the client is disconnected and send them to the client as soon as it reconnects. Multiple devices (like Computer and Smartphone) can share a single IRC nickname.

We are CyberIRCD network and provide free ZNC services for all networks
The service is based on custom version of ZNC with patches and monitoring tools to integrate our automated system


1 free account per user

Each user is restricted to 1 free account unless other arrangements are made. Attempted hoarding of accounts may result in you being banned from our service.

Keep FREE account every 2 weeks

To keep your FREE account you must join our IRC channel #znc on our network every two weeks. Identify to NS and send /msg znc keep.

No illegal content

Do not use our service for anything illegal, such as filesharing, child pornography, etc. This will lead to your immediate removal from our service.

Follow network rules

Do not break any rule of the IRC network your account is assigned to. This includes ban evading, spamming, repeated flooding, or any other rules the IRC network may have in place.


Please make sure that you are familiar with our Rules before requesting a free account.

1. Connect to our IRC Network and join channel #ZNC
To connect to UniBG IRC Network you can use our WEBCHAT or your favorite IRC Client.
Server: irc.gamers.bg
Port: 6667
SSL Port: 6697
mIRC Example: /server -m irc.gamers.bg

2. Register your nickname and confirm it.
/msg NS register (password) (email)
To confirm your nickname: /msg NickServ PROCEED (passcode)

3. Send "request" to our service bot with nickname "znc".
/msg znc request (e-mail) (Network name) (IRCServer[:[+]Port])
[vhost] [Port] and [vhost] are NOT required parameters [+] before [Port] is used for SSL connection In order to see the available vhosts please send /msg znc vhosts


IPv4 Vhosts IPv6 Vhosts
znc.gamers.bg Coming soon
join.lamers.zone Coming soon
i.am.in.the.lamers.zone Coming soon


We are here to answer any questions you may have about our services. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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